Name: 501st Storm Trooper Regiment

Homeworld: Cadia

Force Type: Storm Trooper

Specialisation: Cityfight

Doctrines: Cadian Doctrines

Favoured Weapons: Grenade Launcher

Regiment Description:

The 501st is a paradox built of its own doctrine. Although billed as the most able unit in the Cadian Sector, those who are in the know realize that the Pride of Cadia is more of a political regiment than an actual elite fighting force. The 501st is nonetheless an impressive regiment, due as much to their equiment (the best Cadia has to offer) as to their individual abilities.

Soldiers who serve in the 501st must have a spotless political record first and foremost. The thirty kills required, while an impressive total, are a secondary consideration, and one usually matched by most other regiments members within their first three days of service.

The 501st was formed from the remnants of 4 regiments that was obliterated during Lord Militant Angevin Crusade. They soon became the chief guards of the General Staff. In practice, this means that the 501st is entrusted with the duty of protecting the lives of Command Staff members when deployed to a warzone, and failure means swift retribution.

The current Commander is Colonel Moliere Peregrine, an upstanding, middle-aged man with the reputation of being a stern disciplinarian. Colonel Peregrine rules over the 501st with the same stern power that his wife Isobel and her fellow "four horsemen" oversee Kasr Gallan's social scene.