"I have at my command an entire battle group of the Imperial Guard. Fifty regiments, including specialized drop troops, stealthers, mechanised formations, armoured companies, combat engineers and mobile artillery. Over half a million fighting men and thirty thousand tanks and artillery pieces are mine to command. Emperor show mercy to the fool that stands against me, for I shall not." --Warmaster Demetrius, at the outset of the Salonika Crusade 


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[1]'Of all the Regiments of the Imperial Guard, the Cadian's are of the most well known. They have been fighting since the onset of the Black Crusades when Cadia first started to build up it's defenses and it's military might. Cadian's have a proud and rich history even in their short time being the "poster" child of the Imperium. ''''Other articles: Mordian Iron Guard - Battle of Ascension Valley - Shadowsword .

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'"Statistically, you will almost certainly die when assaulting a well-maintained fortress with a competent commander. You must strive to make your death useful."' ~Training Manual, Penal Legion, Suicide Bomb Squads

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