Fall Of Cadia - "Tribute"

Fall Of Cadia - "Tribute"

This newsletter will keep you informed about the Eye of Terror Campaign and all the goings on. First and foremost, you should check out the weekly news report from the Eye of Terror and you’ll learn about the strange occurrences across the Scarus and Cadian sectors.

EYE OF TERROR WEEKLY SUMMARY Across the worlds of the Cadian Gate, cultists, recidivists and malcontents of all kinds are rising up against the rule of the Adeptus Terra. Over-populated Hive worlds as far apart as the Scarus and the Cadian sectors have erupted in violence, seemingly without cause. Even the higher echelons of Hive World Tabor and the naval base of Belis Corona have proven to be riven with Chaos cults. Charismatic demagogues are inciting frenzied mobs to fight the ruthless, crushing oppression inherent in the Imperium, and hundreds of thousands have heeded their seditious ravings. Assassinations and poisonings herald new eras of anarchy in key warzones, and whole supply fleets have mysteriously vanished. Nemesis Tessera, St. Josmane’s Hope and Lelithar are all ravaged by insurrection.

However, all across the system the backlash of those still faithful to the Imperium begins. In the panicked streets of Thracian Primaris, one man alone has succeeded in uniting the desperate citizens against the evils of chaos. The worlds of the Belis Corona system have undergone a massive recruitment drive, and priestly delegations stir up Imperial conscripts into a fever of righteous anger.

Across other worlds, a more insidious threat has appeared. A virulent death-plague has claimed the lives of countless citizens, and many redemption cults have appeared, pronouncing that the only escape from its merciless clutches is to be found in self-flagellation and atonement. Those who deny this redemption are put to the sword, and countless lives have been lost as miles-high hive cities, and their inhabitants, have been immolated in the redemption cults’ efforts to cleanse them.

Some say that the victims of this plague do not rest peacefully, and that those struck down are returning once more, in hideous, bloated, maggot-ridden form to revisit their misery upon the living. Only those of the purest faith are said to be immune.

Attacks have taken place across the region, though the identity of the invaders has yet to be confirmed. With the situation on many worlds critical, the Imperium can ill-afford an increase in Chaos attacks through the Cadian Gate.

All the while, Astropaths and Navigators report nightmares and hellish visions, and foretell nought but death and destruction for the defenders of the Cadia. The Warp Storms attracted to the site of the Hive Teriax disaster have led to a massive influx of warp entities upon the fortress world, a certain precursor to invasion from Abaddon’s fleet.


With the worlds of the Cadian Gate all but on their knees with the weight of internal strife and the so-called Plague of Unbelief, Abaddon the Despoiler has launched an invasion the scale of which has not been seen since the darkest days of the Horus Heresy. The Imperial Navy has been forced to engage with a force many times its own strength, and has been beaten back across a number of key sectors.

The skies above the worlds of the Imperium have been turned black with innumerable drop craft as the dread Legions of Chaos begin their invasion. The Planet Killer itself, Abaddon’s flagship, drifts ever closer to the Cadian system. Terrible, mighty Traitor Marines tread the surface of worlds they have not set foot upon for ten millennia and their hatred and thirst for vengeance truly knows no bounds. The Night Lords spread fear and confusion across the Scarus sector, and the Alpha Legion reveal themselves across the Segmentum Obscurus, badly delaying Space Marine reinforcements in pointless and bloody struggles. The Emperor’s Children, led by the immortal son of Slaanesh, Lucius the Eternal, feast well upon the population of Belisar. The Death Guard stalk across the battlefields of Amistel, the ground beneath their feet cluttered with the unquiet corpses of those who the Plague of Unbelief has consumed. In the wake of the Chaos Space Marine Legions come the hordes of the damned: traitors, mutants, cultists and fiends of the very worst aspect despoiling the domains of Mankind by their very presence. The acts of wanton destruction and desecration they have carried out have shaken the stoic defenders to the core.

Those who have risen against the tide of horrors number from newly-beatified saints to redeemed sinners. The Dark Angels of the Adeptus Astartes strike back against the Chaos Space Marine Legions, despite being hopelessly outnumbered. Admiral Quarren himself leads a strike force against the rearguard of the Chaos forces. The entire battlefront witnesses countless citizens giving their lives in supreme gestures of self-sacrifice, and countless more defecting to the enemy in the face of such an onslaught.

As the orbital bombardments commence across the worlds of the Cadian Gate and saboteurs cripple defence platforms at critical moments, the defenders seek to react to a foe too awful for many to comprehend. Though the valiant Imperial Guardsmen of the Cadian Shock Troopers regiments are prepared since childhood to fight against such foes, none can foresee who will stand, and who shall fall in the face of such an onslaught. To the beleaguered defenders, it seems the very mouth of hell has opened, and every last one of its servants unleashed upon them.


The following event cards were played in Week 1. If you have an event card and don't know how to play it, contact your country representative. (Info should be with your card)

Heresy begets Retribution
This card affects the Belis Corona sector in favor of the Forces of Order. A series of Chaos-worshipping cults have been uncovered in the higher echelons of Belis Corona, a world vital to the Imperial defence. The Imperium reacts quickly and decisively, crushing the heretics to a man. This display of might convinces even the most die-hard rebel that the Imperium is not to be trifled with.

Apostacy This card affects the Nemesis Tessera sector in favor of the Forces of Disorder. The Brothers of the Blessed Enigma have lived a peaceful, contemplative existence deep in the wilds of Trionora for centuries. With word of the coming Black Crusade however, comes the disturbing news that the Brothers of the order have turned upon the populace of the world that houses them, attacking any and all in a berserk and utterly unexplainable outbreak of unreasoning violence.

Opening Moves This card affects the Lelithar system in favor of the Forces of Disorder.
On Lelithar, while inspecting the troops of his world, the newly instated Imperial governor’s motorcade is ambushed by Traitors armed with crude rocket launchers who disable the vehicles of his bodyguards and murder the Governor in cold blood. Security forces react with commendable speed, breaking up suspected cults and anti-Imperial organisations.

Storm Front This card affects ALL planets in the Cadia system in favor of the Forces of Disorder.
Following the Hive Teriax disaster, encroaching Warp Storms surge through the Cadian sector. Dire omens and disastrous portents wax nigh and the creatures in the dark are made flesh.

With every world within a thousand light years of the Eye of Terror now embroiled in a war that has already claimed countless billions of lives, a new and unexpected faction has taken a hand in events. The ever-elusive ships of the enigmatic Eldar have been sighted by the crew of Imperial Navy vessels, and by troopers on the ground across at least a dozen sectors.

In the depths of interstellar space, Eldar ships have reportedly intervened in desperate battles between the Imperial Navy and the Chaos invaders, on occasion providing aid to Imperial ships and allowing them egress to the webway portals as they did in the Gothic War, and at other times attacking them without provocation. The dark cousins of the Eldar prey on the lesser worlds of the Cadian sector and have even taken slaves on the feral world of Medusa. It is even rumoured that the legendary Harlequins have been sighted on the battlefields of Agripinaa and Scelus. As ever with the mercurial Eldar race, their motivations are as alien as they are unpredictable.

More disturbing still are the rumours of Chaos Space Marines appearing from nowhere on the pleasure world of Belisimar, and the intervention of shimmering metallic warriors in almost every warzone of the Thracian Primaris system. Bizarrely, the rumours correlate on one fact alone: the Necrons are fighting alongside the forces of the Imperium, not against them. This unholy alliance is the only factor halting a full-scale insurgence across the worlds of the Scarus sector.

The Imperium has long been aware that the Eldar of the Ulthwe craftworld maintain a strong presence in the vicinity of the Eye. Though little is known of their ways, it is widely believed that they ultimately work towards the downfall of the Great Enemy. This opinion has been reinforced by the appearance of small numbers of black-clad Eldar turning the tide of battle in crucial battlezones before disappearing once more into the ether.

Upon the worlds of the Cadian Gate too the Eldar have been sighted. The Black Guardians of Ulthwe have taken a hand in a number of battles, appearing unexpectedly and without any warning upon the surface of planets thought distant from any Eldar activity. Upon Belis Corona, Eldar Strike Forces have freed Imperial Navy ground crews from the Chaos legions beleaguering them, although there are reports from the Cadian system of the Eldar falling upon themselves in fits of madness, from the Agripinaa sector of their attacking an Ultramarines Honour Company, and also of their ghost-ships harbouring daemons.

The Imperium, as ever, view the aliens with extreme mistrust and hatred. Despite this, and though the motives of the mysterious Eldar remain unknown, many within the upper echelons of the Imperium pray that their actions tip the balance in this, humanity’s darkest hour in many thousands of years.


The Imperium Stops Chaos Invasion of St. Josmane's Hope A Chaos inspired insurrection amongst the convicts of St. Josmane's Hope succeeded in gaining temporary control of the world. A vicious Imperial counter offensive subsequently succeeded in liberating parts of the world but with the arrival of Chaos reinforcements retaking the place has become untenable and Imperial forces have been all but annihilated. In order to deny a forward base to the ruinous powers Ursarkar Creed requested SJH be purged by overloading its generatorium grid to create a seismic event of catastrophic proportions. As such St. Josmane's Hope was subject to exterminatus 24 hours after the evacuation notice was given.

Imperials Dig in for the Long Haul in Besieged Cadia System Despite the loss of St. Josmane's Hope, the warriors of the Imperium continue to push back the invading forces of Chaos and their dark allies. Now that SJH is no longer the target of choice for the Forces of Disorder, Solar Mariatus has become the new campaign hot spot. Rumors have it that Ursarkar Creed has ordered this last planet of the Cadia system be more heavily fortified after the lessons learned at St. Josmane's Hope.

Time-Space Distortions Detected The Waywatcher, a small Imperial scout fleet passing through the Setvan system, noted elevated levels of tachyon emissions in a number of locations they visited. Probes were being prepared to be sent out to investigate the anomalous readings, but the mission was scrubbed when a large Chaos attack fleet emerged from the Warp and the Waywatcher vessels had to leave the vicinity. A cross reference of the Imperial databanks finds similarly heightened readings in systems of the Belial IV and Eidolon sub-sectors.


The following event cards were played in Week 2. If you have an event card and are unsure how to play it, contact your country representative. (Info should be with your card)

Fear Denies Faith This card affects the Imbrium, Gudrun, and Lethe Eleven Systems in favor of the Forces of Disorder. The shock troops of the Night Lords sew confusion and terror across the Scarus sector, cutting communications and hanging the corpses of their victims from every building. Even the strongest in faith find their confidence shattered when they are forced into an existence of solitude, darkness and confusion.

The Feasting of Lucius This card affects the Systems of the Cadia Sector in favor of the Forces of Disorder.
Lucius the Eternal, favoured son of Slaanesh, has led his Emperor’s Children to the Cadian sector. The planet they have descended upon, Belisar, has been plunged into total war, with much of its population captured, enslaved or worse. It is rumoured that the Emperor’s Children stage unholy feasts with their shackled and screaming captives first as ‘guests’, and subsequently as the main course.

He Who Has Nothing Can Still Have Hope This card affects Ulthor and the other planets of the Agrapinaa System in favor of the Forces of Order.
Despite the ruthless slaughter wreaked upon the Agripinaa sector by the Chaos Legions, the spirit of the Imperium remains strong. One among the common people, Regu Hane, is hallowed as a Saint after single-handedly driving back a wave of bloodthirsty daemons of Khorne.

The Enemy Within This card affects Demois Binary in favor of the Forces of Disorder.
As the Grand Fleet of the Despoiler closes on Imperial defences, an unseen enemy within the ranks of the Demios Binary forces reveals his hand. The orbital defence platforms are sabotaged, rendered inoperable and helpless in the face of the invasion.

Domination of the Strongest This card affects the planets in the Thracian Primaris system in favor of the Forces of Disorder.
As the forces of Abaddon the Despoiler pour out of the Eye of Terror the Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes are the first to respond. Those near the battlefront hurl themselves into combat, those further away marshal their forces and prepare to voyage to the war. Before they can embark however detached elements of the Alpha Legion land on a dozen or more worlds demanding to face the ‘weakling servants of the dead Emperor’. Unable to decline such blatant challenges several Chapters are drawn into pointless battle with the Alpha Legion, thereby delaying them critically.

Lockheart's Last Stand This card affects Belisar in favor of the Forces of Order.
Imperial forces are bolstered by the heroic three day defence of Weykand Gap at Belisar in the Cadian Sector. Captain Lockheart and his men succeeded in delaying Titans of the Legio Vulcanum long enough for the rest of the 80th Thracian to escape encirclement and obliteration by the Chaos War machines. Men everywhere are heartened by the story of one man making such a difference in these dark times.

Wolf Pack
This card affects Subiaco Diablo in favor of the Forces of Order. Imperial Strategos have accurately predicted the whereabouts of a large flotilla of Chaos transports and Admiral Quarren leads a strike force to Subiaco Diablo to destroy it before it can take part in the war.

The terrible conflict of the Thirteenth Black Crusade has entered a new phase, and a new theatre. The Eldar webway- the most secret realm of the Eldar race through which the length of the galaxy can be traversed in but a single step has been penetrated, invaded by intruders bent on nothing less than the uncovering of its most dreadful secrets.

Ahriman, the Chief Librarian of the Thousand Sons Traitor Legion has gained access to the webway. For millennia, this practitioner of the darkest of arts has sought this prize, and seeks to fathom the route to the Black Library, the repository of the sum of all knowledge held by the Eldar race on the subject of Chaos, and watched over by guardians too terrible to imagine. Such is the desperation of the situation that these guardians have taken an active role in the defence of their realm, for the webway itself twists and splits like a live thing wherever Ahriman and his followers tread. Rumours of warp-beasts the size of battleships bolstering Ahriman’s forces have implications too terrifying to contemplate.

In response to Ahriman’s intrusion, the Eldar have launched a massive counter-attack, the force of which belies their woefully low numbers. The activities of the Ulthwe Strike Forces have increased beyond measure, and a desperate running battle is being fought across the webway and upon the surfaces of worlds that harbour entrances to it. As a consequence, worlds within the Eye of Terror itself are being fought over, as previously sealed entrances to the Webway are unsealed in the battle for dominance. Eidolon and Belial are two such places, Daemonworlds long ago lost to the Eldar race at the very fall of their empire ten millennia past, and now vital to the survival of their race. It has been rumoured one of the Immortal Phoenix Lords is leading the Eldar forces across the crone worlds of the Belial IV system, and that ancient Eldar artefacts have been unearthed by the Great Enemy.

Whilst the Eldar war in the labyrinth dimensions, other forces join the fray. The legendary Thirteenth Company of the Space Wolves, thought lost to the warp after the scourging of Prospero ten millennia ago, have emerged in force into the Cadian sector. The Word Bearers build blood-soaked shrines and dark cathedrals to better summon their daemonic allies and taint nearby stars with warp energy. Tzeentchian cults and covens reveal themselves across the Agripinaa sector, the better to distract the Imperium from their master’s true quest.

The cruel Dark Eldar too now play a part in the war, for it is said their shadow-realm of Commorragh lies deep within the uncharted regions of the Webway. They have struck out across the Medusan sub-sector and across the Cadian system itself. The Relictors and Dark Angels Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes have already fought back several Kabals of Dark Eldar, but it is feared they were merely the vanguard of Comorragh’s forces. Though they fight for the love of killing and slavery and not through any altruistic ideals of aiding the other participants in the war, the actions of the Dark Eldar can only benefit the forces of Abaddon the Despoiler.


# of Battles Fought: 161,432
# of Players: 38,371

The Defence of Cadia Following the evacuation and subsequent destruction of Saint Josmane's Hope in order to deny the forces of the Despoiler a forward staging point, Imperium defenders initially rallied well, falling back in good order to key points in the Cadian system. Imperial morale was bolstered by a bold series of counter attacks, but these successes were to prove short-lived, and the Despoiler has committed yet more of his diabolical forces to the Cadian system. With the Forces of Disorder now fully committed to the Siege of Cadia, the beleaguered defenders can only pray help arrives soon, before all is lost.
Raiders The implacable warriors of the Necrontyr have been sighted across the Thracian Primaris system, and initial reports suggested they were fighting towards the same common goal as the Imperium's defenders. In recent battles however, the situation has changed, and the deadly weapons of the ancient race have been turned upon the Imperium. Though none can fathom the aims and objectives of the Necrontyr, some believe they can only be acting upon the capricious whim of a truly mad god.
For the Greater Good
With the Imperium committing more and more resources towards the defence of the Cadian Gate, reports from the eastern rim of Ultima Segmentum suggest the Tau Empire is using this time when the Imperium's eyes are elsewhere to strengthen, and even expand their own domains. Though the xenos are yet to threaten Imperial worlds, and are largely expanding into uncontested Wilderness space, Imperial Stategios keep one wary eye on the Tau empire, lest they use this time of conflict and uncertainty to their own advantage, to the eternal cost of the Imperium.


The following event cards were played in Week 3. If you have an event card and are unsure how to play it, contact your country representative. (Info should be with your card)

The Damned This card affects the Belis Corona System in favor of the Forces of Order. The reports of the forces of the Ulthwé craftworld entering the system prove to be true, and across the entire Belis Corona sector Strike Forces of Black Guardians pour from nowhere into the heart of hotly contested battlezones. They punch into the Chaos battlelines right at the crux of each battle, turning a stalemate into a victory and a victory into a rout.

The Scions of Darkness This card affects Vigilatum and Kasr Partox in favor of the Forces of Disorder.
Dark Eldar erupt into the webway from the black city of Comorragh, intent on enslaving the Mon-Keigh and aiding the destruction of the Cadian system into the bargain. They strike at night, making off with the young, the weak and the wounded; the screams of their victims are often the only indication of their presence.

The Dance of Death This card affects Agrapinaa planet in favor of the Forces of Order.
Help arrives from the most unexpected quarter when several troupes of Harlequins arrive through the webway on the tails of an Ulthwé Strike Force. With the aid of their alien cousins, the surgical strike that typifies Ulthwé’s military actions instead turns into a full-scale slaughter.

The Path of the Radical This card affects Nemesis tessera in favor of the Forces of Disorder.
Inquisitor Van Hel has long walked the path of the Horusian, a school of thought within the Inquisition that harbours the believe that Horus was correct in his belief that he could enslave the power of Chaos, but was ultimately weak in that he allowed it to enslave him. Now the fate of Horus is repeated in Van Hel, and the Chaotician has been seduced by the whispered promises of the Ruinous Powers. Through his actions in his research stations upon Nemesis Tessera, Abaddon’s cause can only be furthered.

Words Just Remembered This card affects the planet Cadia in favor of the Forces of Disorder.
In the past Eldar warriors have often reported being attacked by disturbing waking dreams during encounters with Sorcerers of Tzeentch. In the early days of the 13th Black Crusade these reports took on a more sinister aspects. When viewed from the Cadian Sector, the Ocular Terribus took on a different hue for several days, a phenomenon regarded as a dire portent by the Farseers of Ulthwe. The phenomenon was indeed an ill sign. A subtle Tzeentchian power was able to plant post-hypnotic suggestions in its victims. Throughout the craftworld of Ulthwe and other Eldar ships in the Cadian Sector, a number of Eldar who witnessed the change in the Eye performed diabolical acts of madness, sabotage, and murder. It is fortunate that Eldar minds are strong and relatively few have succumbed to the spell...

The Scions of Erebus This card affects Malin's Reach in favor of the Forces of Disorder.
Agents of the Apostate Lord Erebus of the Wordbearer Legion draw the Ultramarines Honour company and an Ulthwe Strike force to Malin’s Reach in the Agrapinna sector with rumours that their sworn foe Erebus himself has been sighted moving against that system. Open warfare breaks out between the Space Marines and the Eldar, and Chaos forces strike elsewhere as they fight amongst themselves. Erebus is not found.

Unexpected Allies
This card affects Gudrun in favor of the Forces of Order. Eldar ships in the vicinity of Gudrun have intercepted and destroyed the vanguard of a Chaos fleet moving towards the rimward flank of Cadia. Their seers have allowed ships from Battlefleet Obscurus to make use of their warp gates to mobilise fleet assets to meet this attack.

Ancient Evil Awakens
This card affects Thracian Primaris and Elnaur Delta in favor of the Forces of Order. One of the Sentinel Words, previously thought to be dead, rustles with the dead scrape of grave vestments as the gleaming silver warriors of the Necrontyr emerge from underground tombs and take to the stars. Imperial forces in battle nearby fear the worst, but the Necron warriors fall upon the Chaos foe instead.


The Imperial Navy, for long weeks forced to fight a desperate holding action against the seemingly endless waves of Chaos vessels, has been reinforced. A fleet the size of which has not been seen since the end of the Gothic War eight centuries earlier has been dispatched from Cypra Mundi, and is now staging at Belis Corona in preparation for a massive counter-push into the Cadian Gate.

The arrival of this vast armada has allowed those vessels that have been fighting continuously since the beginning of the invasion a brief respite. Severely depleted ship’s companies are bolstered through indiscriminate press-ganging, and hasty repairs and refits are undertaken on those vessels most in need of them.

The reinforcements have been split into battlegroups, each tasked with bolstering the defences in a specific sector. The regions around the Eye of Terror encompass many millions of cubic light years, and only by the concentrated application of resources in those areas in most desperate need can the Imperial Navy hope to make inroads and slow, stall, and eventually repel the Chaos fleets plaguing the region.

If the Imperial Navy can gain the upper hand in the conflict, it is hoped Abaddon will soon find his forces cut off from aid and reinforcement. Although Ork mercenaries have reportedly joined the fray, and the Eldar fleets have been drawn away by the presence of Abaddon’s captured Blackstone Fortresses, the iron fist of the Imperium is slowly being brought to bear. Ancient defence laser batteries upon Demios Binary combine with programs of orbital bombardment on Laurentix and Setvan to harry the servants of Chaos wherever they are to be found. Admiral Quarren himself has succeeded time and time again in defeating Chaos fleets many times the size of his own, allowing reinforcements to enter the fray around the fortress world. A massive influx of reinforcements in the Scelus sector has penetrated the Chaos blockade of ships and minefields, and in the Belis Corona system the entirety of Battlefleet Gothic has stormed into the fray. The daemonic mine-creatures sewn across the battlefront accounted for only a few of their number, and now the fleet has the opportunity to avenge their losses it suffered in the Gothic War at the hands of Abaddon’s own fleet. If the relentless momentum of the Thirteenth Black Crusade can be slowed for just a short time, then the defenders on the ground will have a real chance of victory.

The Imperial Navy has gambled all on this sector-wide retaliation, and should it fail, Battlefleet Obscurus will be so weakened that only the redeployment of fleets across the whole Imperium will hold any hope of holding back Abaddon’s invasion.


Number of total battles: 197,674
Total people registered: 43,493

The Tides of War On every world of the Cadian system, there is only war. Vigilatum is all but lost to the unholy servants of the Ruinous Powers, though a small rearguard, previously thought annihilated holds out there yet, boldly defending the Naval Tac Logis facility. Solar Mariatus too is sorely pressed by the hordes of the Despoiler, and Cadian High Command has ordered the world reinforced, lest its output of munitions and other materiel essential to the ongoing war effort be lost- a blow the beleaguered defenders can ill afford. With Imperial Navy reinforcements inbound, the defenders of Cadia must hold out just a little while longer...

Warnings Ursarkar Creed has been hailed by many as the most able Imperial Guard commander since the legendary Lord Solar Macharius, yet many observers have noted that his sub-commanders have not proved themselves quite so capable. So sudden and mobile has the Despoiler's invasion proved that many commanders at a system and planetary level have simply been unable to coordinate their actions, and are reacting to the enemy's attacks rather than dictating their own terms of battle. Creed has issued stern orders to his subordinates- take the initiative at a planetary level, or fall. The choice is that simple.

The Secrets of Caliban The enigmatic heretic known as 'The Voice' has been broadcasting all-channel voxes for much of the conflict, and has recently stepped up the intensity of his verbal attacks upon the honour of the Dark Angels and the Unforgiven Chapters, challenging them to defend the ruins of Caliban, and claiming he will soon reveal the dark secrets hidden there. How the sons of the Lion will react to such blatant provocation is unclear, though whatever their reaction, it is sure to be swift and bloody.

The Green Kroosade With the forces of Chaos overwhelming every world within the vicinity of the Eye of Terror, a large force of Orks has taken advantage of the state of anarchy threatening many systems, and launched an all out attack upon the worlds of the Scarus Sector. This 'Green Kroosade' is remarkably well coordinated for an Ork invasion, and has succeeded in grinding down the defences of several worlds, notably Lethe Eleven. The Black Templars have diverted a number of fighting companies to oppose them, lest they gather into a fully-fledged Waaagh!


With Imperial Navy reinforcements bolstering the defence of the Cadian Gate, Abaddon has unveiled the next phase of his plan to bring the region to its knees. The Word Bearers Legion, led by the Dark Apostle and arch blasphemer Erebus, has enacted a terrible ritual upon the worlds it has captured, sacrificing the lives of innocents by the million.

The raw stuff of the Warp has been unleashed, pouring through the rents in the thin skein of reality created by their incantations, and calling up vast Warp storms across the region. Many outlying sectors such as Scelus and Caliban are now engulfed in raging tempests, some simply cut off from aid, others reduced to shifting realms of madness as the denizens of the Empyrean run riot across entire worlds. Ibrium is amongst the worst affected worlds; where once proud Ecclesiarchy Cathedrals stood, now blasphemous monuments to the powers of the Warp proclaim the dominion of Chaos. Across the sector, where kilometre-high Hive cities once pieced the clouds, now gargantuan charnel houses dominate worlds forever lost to Man.

Kharn the Betrayer himself has been unleashed upon Tabor in the Agripinaa sector, his berserker army wallowing in the blood of his victims. The cursed hulk Lysander has been vomited from the warp near the Imperial world of Gudrun, sending thousands mad with its mere proximity. Daemons are spilling into existence all across the Nemesis Tessera system, systematically destroying, debasing and defiling everything they find. The Cathedral of Chaos Ascendant upon Belial IV is nearly complete, and the Cadian sector is ravaged by warp storms so severe combatants must fight in the midst of crackling storms of raw Chaos energy. Chaos has fought back with renewed ferocity.

With so many sectors now cut-off, the war has escalated by a degree of magnitude in those areas still accessible to both sides. The fighting in such areas as the Cadian Sector, Scarus Sector and Agripinaa has reached an unprecedented level, with millions throwing themselves upon the crucible of utter and total war, to save the Cadian Gate from falling irrecoverably into the clutches of the Ruinous Powers. In an amazing twist of fate, the Imperial reinforcements from Battlefleet Solar arrive many weeks earlier than expected, for the tides of the Warp are never predictable. The Thirteenth company add their feral might to the battle for the Chaos-infested streets of Kasr Holn, and the Duke Lurstophan braves the warp storms to bring aid to the besieged Cadia. Under the bruised and crackling skies of his homeworld, Ursakar Creed, Lord Castellan of Cadia has launched a major counterassault from the heart of the Imperial forces, and the White Scars of the Adeptus Astartes engage the Chaos forces across the Cadian sector. Not a single man is spared, and the death tolls spiral ever upward.


Total # of battles: 222,971
Total # of users: 45,193

There is Only War
The Cadian system stands upon the very brink of damnation- Vigilatum and Solar Mariatus all but broken upon the wheel of Abaddon's insatiable assault. Imperial forces, for so long fighting the strategic war, are losing the tactical battle across every world. That the Despoiler's assault on the Cadian Gate took the defences by storm is evident by the apocalyptic scale of the Imperium's losses, but questions are being asked at the highest of levels regarding the seeming inability of Imperium commanders to coordinate their actions. The identity of Abaddon's key strategic advisors and most trusted lieutenants- the so-called 'Triad' - is being sought as a matter of urgency. In recent days, agents under the auspices of the Ordo Malleus have won vital information, many at the cost of their own lives. Meantime Imperial defences are totally overwhelmed by the coordinated attacks, no force able to contribute reinforcements to any other warzones to stem the unholy tide of Chaos. With the Warp Storms now raging across the region, and the focus of the war falling upon Cadia itself, if the Imperium is to emerge victorious, a united command and a determined counter attack is all that may save billions of lives.

Agripinaa The Agripinaa sector has taken a fearful battering in the latest phase of the Despoiler's invasion, with the forces of Chaos making gains on most of the worlds on that warzone. The system of Malin's Reach has suffered particularly horrifying defeats at the hands of the crazed mutants of the horde known as the Stigmatus Covenant. Should these deviants gain total control of the worlds of Malin's Reach, they may be lost for ever, for these scum are notorious for their desecration of all that is pure and holy in the realms of Man.

Tyranids Recent reports from the Belis Corona fronts indicate a large number of Tyranid splinter fleets attacking worlds in that sector. Adeptus Mechanicus investigators have been despatched to ascertain the origins of these deadly xenos, and Deathwatch kill teams are being assembled from a number of Space Marine Chapters in the region.

The Voice Silenced For weeks the heretic known as 'The Voice' has transmitted his blasphemous rantings across the vox-nets of the region, but with Warp storms rising across the warzones his transmissions have mysteriously ceased. The heretic's last transmission challenged the Dark Angels to defend the ruins of Caliban, and a further broadcast, claiming the Dark Angels were in fact in league with the Forces of Disorder was traced to a company of Night Lords Traitor Space Marines. An Ordo Malleus Kill team was dispatched, but upon reaching the site of the broadcast, found the Sons of the Lion had arrived before them, only the broken bodies of the Night Lords remaining to tell of the Dark Angels' wrath.


The following event cards were played in Week 5. If you have an event card and are unsure how to play it, contact your country representative. (Info should be with your card)

The Harvester of Souls This card affects the Belial IV sub-sector in favor of the Forces of Order. The Phoenix Lord Maugan Ra addresses the forces at the Belial IV sub-sector, where many Eldar warhosts have gathered to take back their Crone Worlds. His inspiring presence, bolstered in no small part by an Avatar of the Bloody-Handed God, drives the Eldar into a fury of battlelust that is then unleashed across the Crone Worlds. With such legendary figures in their midst they will fight until their enemies are annihilated or the last of their number is dead.

Solar Flares This card affects the planets of the Cadia system in favor of Both Sides.
The increase in Warp Flare activity has an effect on all the stars in proximity to the Eye of Terror. Solar flares begin to occur in a dangerously unpredictable fashion presenting a hazard to shipping and communications.

The Talismans of Vaul This card affects Macharia planet in favor of the Forces of Order.
Abaddon has deployed every weapon at his disposal in order to take Cadia, including the legendary Blackstone Fortresses. These massive space stations, known as the Talismans of Vaul to the Eldar, attract the graceful spacecraft of the ancient alien race in unprecedented numbers, falling on these outlying sections of the Chaos fleet to the exclusion of all else.

Death From Above This card affects the Belis Corona system in favor of the Forces of Order.
A battlegroup of the Imperial Navy breaks through a picket line of Chaos Vessels to bombard their forces assembling on Laurentix. Orbital strikes hammer the Chaos forces and destroy whole swathes of traitors and war machines.

Ambush This card affects the Belis Corona system in favor of the Forces of Disorder.
Imperial ships, despatched from their forward bases in Segmentum Solar travel through the Warp to arrive at the jump point at Bairsten Prime. By use of fell sorcery Abaddon has been forewarned of this and laid a trap for the Imperial vessels, crippling a great many before they can escape to Belis Corona.

The Silver Fox This card affects Cadia, Xersia, and Demios Binary in favor of the Forces of Order.
Admiral Quarren, rallying his forces at Demios Binary, leads the battered Imperial Navy from his flagship, Gathalamor, taking the fight to the enemy once more. Using a brilliant series of feints and false pushes, the admiral is able to disperse elements of the Chaos fleets before engaging and destroying them piecemeal.

After many long weeks of beleaguered, stubborn resistance, the defenders of the Cadian Gate have been reinforced by the combined forces of dozens of Space Marine Chapters. This crusade has been gathered from the most distant regions, answering the call to arms issued when the forces of the Despoiler first commenced their invasions.

The Space Marine crusade has been greeted with adulation and joy by the battered and bloody defenders. Those Space Marines who have fought at the gate since the beginning have been joined by their brethren, and now stand ready to take the fight to the enemy with the courage and conviction that only a Space Marine can display.

The simmering rivalries between the Space Wolves and the Dark Angels stationed in the Sentinel Worlds sector are eclipsed by the alleged Fallen sighting near the ruins of Caliban, and the rumours of an artefact of Russ held at Nemesis Tessera. The Blood Angels, after their arrival on Kasr Partox, are preparing for the assault of the largest horde of World Eaters seen in living memory. Typhus, the Herald of Nurgle, takes a personal hand in the battle for Macharia, teleporting in and slaughtering platoon after platoon of Cadians before returning to his flagship. His gift of fear infects the Cadian ranks even quicker than the plagues he spreads with his mere presence.

Lord Inquisitor Coteaz has entered the Agripinnaa system, fresh from his efforts against the daemon incursion on Nemesis Tessera, and his flagship is primed with bay after bay of cyclonic torpedoes. Meanwhile, in the Eye of Terror itself, the Eldar find aid from the most unexpected of sources; the ghosts of their past.

With so many Space Marines now bolstering the defence, the forces of the Traitor Legions have not been idle. The Chaos rearguard joins the fray, engaging the Space Marines in every theatre of war. Those who turned upon their master and their kin ten millennia past are consumed with hatred for their erstwhile brothers, and have thrown themselves at the new arrivals with wanton bloodlust. With such legendary warriors as the Blood Angels, the Black Templars, the Imperial Fists, the Howling Griffons, the White Scars and many more chapters now standing before Abaddon’s invasion, the Imperium can at long last see a real chance of turning back the Thirteenth Black Crusade.


Deliverance With the defenders of Cadia hard pressed on all fronts, Ursarkar Creed has issued word that a great crusade of Adeptus Astartes is but days away from reinforcing them. Creed's united Command Council has taken a firm hand on the varied forces under its control, finally managing to coordinate the efforts of over a thousand regiments from worlds many light years apart, many of which do not even speak the same language as one another. Though much work remains to be done to stem the tide of the invaders, with a coherent command structure now in place, and Creed firmly in supreme control, the defenders of Cadia know that if they can hold out just a little while longer, deliverance may at last be at hand.
The Talismans Scattered and panicked reports of Abaddon moving the so-called Blackstone Fortresses into the Cadian system have been greeted with scepticism by many, and abject terror by others. Only a handful of individuals in the Imperium are aware of the full extent of the power contained within these gargantuan engines of planetary, even solar destruction, and these men are taking every step to prepare for the inevitable defeat of the Imperium should their full, horrifying potential be brought to bear.

Crisis at Agripinaa With the Imperium's defence of the Cadian Gate focused upon the vital worlds of the Cadian system, other sectors find themselves facing the full might of the Despoiler's invasion with little hope of reinforcement. Almost every world in this lynchpin sector has seen its defences ground down, and even the mighty defences of the fortified Hives of Agripinaa itself have begun to buckle under the relentless pressure.
The War in the Webway With the war for the Cadian Gate raging across a thousand worlds, another front has been the site of bitter struggle, quite unknown to the multitudes fighting and dying upon the worlds of the Cadian Gate. The Eldar Webway, that ancient network of secret passages linking worlds many light years apart, has been breached by the forces of disorder in the form of the Thousand Sons Traitor Legion, and the Eldar's cruel kin, the Dark Eldar. So grievous is the threat that the relentless warriors of Ahriman, Chief Librarian of the Thousand Sons may gain access to the Black Library, the most secret repository of arcane knowledge hidden at the very centre of the Webway, that the Eldar have thrown all their might into repelling the intruders. Unknown to the 'lesser races' waging war around the Eye, the Eldar are winning their own war, through supreme courage and sacrifice, against a threat so terrible that the entire galaxy will never even know it existed.
The Green Krusade rumbles On The Ork invasion of the Scarus sector continues apace, despite the intervention of the Black Templars Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes. Imperial strategios believe the barbaric xenos are intent upon the capture of the Mordax Prime system, perhaps hoping to secure themselves a permanent base there, from which none will be able to dislodge them once the current war is resolved. The Forge worlds situated in the Mordax system are vital to the entire sector, and so it remains to be seen whether the Imperium will be able to spare the resources to dislodge the Orks should they gain a serious foothold on the system.


The following event cards were played in Week 6. If you have an event card and are unsure how to play it, contact your country representative. (Info should be with your card

Storm Break This card affects the Agrapinaa in favor of the Forces of Disorder. Card Description: The flaring edges of Warp Storm Baphomael roar and seethe with unnatural life, making warp travel extremely dangerous and unpredictable.

Kharn's Rampage This card affects Tabor in favor of the Forces of Disorder. Card Description: Kharn the Betrayer has been unleashed upon a Hive World in the Agripinaa Sector, and his count of skulls taken is rising into the tens of thousands. It seems that nothing can stop him, and more and more servants of Khorne follow in his wake, drawn by the scent of indiscriminate slaughter.

The Blood of Martyrs is the Seed of the Imperium This card affects Belisar and Demios Binary in favor of the Forces of Order. Card Description: Above the Cadian sector the forces of the Imperial Navy fight desperately to fend off the predations of an inbound Dark Eldar fleet. Despite being desperately outmatched, the Imperial fleet causes catastrophic damage on the delicate ships of the Dark Eldar, giving their lives in the process.

Creed of Cadia This card affects the planet Cadia in favor of the Forces of Order. Card Description: The Lord Castellan of Cadia, Ursarkar E. Creed, takes advantage of the warp storms raging around the Cadian system to shift troops from planet to planet with no fear of new enemy forces attacking the worlds he strips of defenders. Building his forces he then launches a series of offensives that catch the forces of disorder of balance.

What is Best in Life? This card affects all planets in the Cadian system in favor of the Forces of Order. Card Description: Jubal Khan, Great Khan of the White Scars has led five brotherhoods of his Chapter to war. No Space Marine delights in war like the White Scars. Across the entire war front the forces of disorder are beset by lightning raids, hit and run attacks and full-bloodied savagery.

The Talismans of Vaul II This card affects planet Macharia and planets in the Cadia system in favor of the Forces of Order. Card Description: Abaddon has deployed every weapon at his disposal in order to take Cadia, including the legendary Blackstone Fortresses.  These massive space stations, known as the Talismans of Vaul to the Eldar, attract the graceful spacecraft of the ancient alien race in unprecedented numbers, falling on these outlying sections of the Chaos fleet to the exclusion of all else.

The diabolical magicks enacted by Erebus of the Word Bearers Legion so many weeks past have now come to fruition. Through the sacrifice of a million innocents, the very Warp has vomited through the thin skein of reality, to burst across the domains of Man. The entire region is wracked by Warp storms so intense that inter-system travel is now impossible. As the last reinforcements gather in those sectors not cut off- Cadia, Agripinaa, Belis Corona, Scarus and Chinchare, it is clear to every defender of the Cadian Gate that the war has entered its final stages. Exactly what the future holds, no man can see, but none can deny that a terrible time of reckoning is upon the Imperium.

The forces of the Order and of Disorder are set against each other across the warzones of Cadia, Scarus, Agripinaa, Belis Corona and Chinchare. Each is intent upon nothing less than the total and utter destruction of the other. These five warzones are to form the battleground for the final conflict of the Thirteenth Black Crusade, as those forces committed to other areas are hastily redeployed or simply forgotten amongst the confusion and anarchy of the final days of the war.

Imperium high command has long since lost track of the number of troops operating in the region, but estimates suggest that the forces engaged in the final battle are beyond anything seen in many hundreds of years. Thousands of Imperial Guard regiments, scores of Space Marine chapters and hundreds of Titans stand alongside the combined conscripted militia of a hundred systems. Against these heroes of the Imperium are set the Traitor Legions, rebel Imperial Guard, mutant hordes and cultists beyond measure. Millions give their lives in desperate last stands and vicious deadlocks as Imperial preachers exhort the faithful to ever greater peaks of bravery and bloodlust.

Eldrad Ulthran has led the forces of Ulthwe through the webway in one almighty push into the heart of the Chaos lines, seeking his destiny in mortal combat against Abaddon. The Grey Knights of the Ordo Malleus, each one of them more than a match for the shock troops of Chaos leading Abaddon’s assault, teleport onto the daemon-infested battlefields of Kasr Holn and Xersia. Thracian Primaris and its surrounding worlds are consumed with fire and battle, scarring the planets themselves for eternity. The Dark Angels and Space Wolves resolve their differences and unite in the face of the Chaos hordes on Korolis, and the entire Agripinaa sector is plunged into the throes of the most virulent of plagues as Typhus unleashes the full strength of the Death Guard. But the most chilling development is the encroachment of the Planet Killer upon the Cadian system. Its proximity can only mean one thing.

The skies above the warzones burn with the falling of orbital ordnance, and the chants of a billion lunatics resound. The tread of mighty battle titans shakes the earth, and Imperial Navy fighter craft scream overhead.

The last days of the war are upon us. Let none falter in his duty to the Emperor, for to do so is to surrender Humanity itself unto the eternal pyre of damnation and ruin.

The final stage of the Eye of Terror will be fought across the Cadian, Agripinaa, Belis Corona, Scarus and Chinchare sectors.

Darkness Descends - A Limited Chaos Victory

Darkness had fallen across a hundred worlds, and for the defenders of the Cadian Gate, the pure light of day now seems but a distant memory. Though the forces of Abaddon the Despoiler have been denied the ultimate prize of the fall of Cadia, Abaddon’s hordes have gained a foothold upon the worlds of Mankind for the first time in over 10,000 standard years, and none can see them being repelled for many years to come. Abaddon and his Council of Three have outmanoeuvred and outfought the forces of the Imperium at almost every turn. Corpses litter the battlefields in their millions, yet millions more still stand beleaguered, against a foe that knows no mercy and whose only goal is the utter destruction of all who stand before them. The bleak moors of Cadia have been reduced to a barren, crater-pocked wasteland, blasted by orbital torpedoes, super-heavy artillery and the massive footfalls of Titans.

The Vilklas and Andur defence lines have collapsed under the relentless pressure of a million frenzied Chaos Cultists, Traitors and mutants, and the Cadian Sector High Command has been forced to relocate to Kasr Gallan on the far side of the Caducades Sea. Though the Imperial Navy is in control of the inter-system space lanes of the Cadian Sector, the Forces of Chaos still maintain a powerful presence in the skies directly above Cadia that is capable of challenging the Imperial fleet since the Imperial orbital defences fell in the opening days of the 13th Black Crusade. The defenders of Cadia are now deployed around Kasr Gallan and throughout the Wastes, resolute that not a backward step shall be taken. The order has been given: "Stand at Cadia, or damn the Imperium of Mankind to the depredations of Chaos for all eternity."

The long-held dominance of the Imperium in the Segmentum Obscurus has been decisively shattered. Chaos forces roam freely on the once proud worlds of Scarus, Agripinaa, and even within the Cadia System. Whole worlds have fallen to the tide of Disorder that has swept across the sectors of the segmentum. Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade appears to have been a modest success. Although he cannot claim complete dominion over the Cadian Pylons, the damage and chaos inflicted upon the Imperium will have severely weakened its activities within the segmentum long into the new millennium. Commanded by the shadowy Triad, the the council of Chaos Champions that controls the Planet Killer, and groups of dedicated tacticians, the servants of the Ruinous Powers have come away with a win. It is a slim win, but a win nonetheless. The desperate actions of a few heroes within the Imperial hierarchy have, however, held the Forces of Chaos at bay in several sectors and star systems, claiming outright victory in most of the outlying sectors, and preventing total catastrophe for the Imperial forces in the inner sectors of the segmentum.

Though Abaddon's final goal of smashing through the Cadian Gate was ultimately unsuccessful, the advances made by his forces have gained him much more than was initially realised. His retinue of Chosen, led by Devram Korda, the Tyrant of Sarora, returned to his side in the closing days of the war, bringing with them two individuals who had journeyed to the centre of the Eye of Terror. Together with the Chaos Sorcerer, Ygethmor the Deceiver, they presented Abaddon with the Heart of Chaos, a powerful Chaos artefact that Zaraphiston, the Chaos Sorcerer who served as one of Abaddon's Chosen, had long claimed could not exist. It is known that Ygethmor now stands at Abaddon's right hand, while Zaraphiston's status remains a mystery.

Cadian Sector

The Cadian Shock Troops continue to valiantly defend their world from the Forces of ChaosAdded by Algrim WhitefangThe Fortress World of Cadia still stands, but she stands alone, a failing beacon of the Emperor's light flickering against the encroaching night. Total war has come to the Segmentum Obscurus, and all hopes of repelling the invaders have been dashed for the moment. The Imperium must now consolidate its grip upon those worlds of the segmentum it still holds, and prepare to fight a war that will not end within the lifetime of any of its combatants. While Cadia still stands, humanity has reason to hope, but Abaddon the Despoiler has finally achieved what he had failed to do on twelve previous occasions, over more than ten thousand standard years -- he has breached the Cadian Gate, and none can now hold back the eventual tide of Chaos he will seek to unleash upon the Imperium of Man.

The Forces of Chaos won a small if significant victory over the Imperium and the Eldar, capturing a number of Imperial worlds in sectors beyond the Cadian Gate for the first time since the Horus Heresy. Cadia still stands, but only just, as most of the planet's surface belongs to Chaos. The battle for Cadia will last centuries without aid, but if Chaos gains headway in the space above Cadia, then the defenders will be doomed, especially with a Blackstone Fortress still lurking somewhere. Even without aid to the Imperial forces in orbit, there is a large chance that simple supplies such as food will be unable to reach the defenders, and that the defenders will eventually starve to death. No man, no Space Marine, fought harder to save Cadia than the Lord Castellan Ursarkar E. Creed. Although each Castellum levelled cut him deep, the faith of Ursarkar Creed proved unshakeable. His victories could not easily be counted, but the numbers of the Archenemy did not lessen whereas each defeat drained the strength of the Imperial forces. Creed was forced first to give ground to preserve his forces and then to abandon his favoured mobile defensive tactics in favour of defending fortified lines. His friend, Jarran Kell, was wounded defending him from yet another Chaos Champion eager to make a name, and Creed was fatigued to the point of collapse when finally the momentum of the Chaos forces ran out.

The Inquisition Fortress World of Nemesis Tessera, its existence supposedly unknown to all but the highest members of the Inquisition, came under fierce attack during Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade. The systems surrounding the Inquisition Fortress World experienced hitherto unknown levels of civil insurrection that could not be explained without recourse to the malign influence of the Ruinous Powers. In one such incident, a previously peaceful sect of contemplative monks turned on the populace of the nearby planet Trionora, engaging in a series of bloody massacres across the planet's surface. Ordo Hereticus  strike teams were dispatched to cull these killing sprees -- they discovered the barricaded monasteries to be full of corpses, the monks having chosen to end their lives in an orgy of self-mutilation. The monasteries were burned to the ground, the ruins sown with salt and reconsecrated.

While the agents of the Inquisition policed the systems surrounding their fortress, many strange omens and portents were unearthed, all indicating great disaster. Many believed this simply to be the foretelling of the invasion of Abaddon, but other, more cautious Inquisitors believed it to be something more. These doomsayers were proved correct when the blind servers of Nemesis Tessera detected unauthorised psychic activity within the depths of the fortress itself. Inquisitor Van Hel, a Radical Inquisitor who delved too deeply into mysteries best left alone, had been seduced by the whispered promises of the Ruinous Powers and only the timely intervention of Inquisitor Cyarro prevented a Warp rift of cataclysmic proportions from developing. At almost the exact same time, a determined force of Chaos Space Marines launched an attack on the Inquisition fortress and laid siege to it for many months. Only the timely arrival of the Space Wolves saved the beleaguered Inquisitorial forces and the combined forces of the Inquisition and the Sons of Russ were finally able to repulse the attack. The reason why the Space Wolves abandoned their previous station to deploy throughout the Nemesis Tessera Sub-sector remains a mystery.

Scarus Sector

During Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade, the Warmaster of Chaos Undivided recruited massed warbands of Orks to act as mercenary auxilia to his Chaos Legions. Following up on terror raids and cunning feints by the Night Lords and Alpha Legion, many of the Orks banded together into ever-growing tribes that declared themselves to be a part of the "Green Kroosade." The unstoppable force of the Green Kroosade inundated the Scarus Sector (Skar-Uz to the Orks), battering down Imperial defences with sheer doggedness and not without a little help from the Chaos Space Marines, particularly those of the Night Lords and the Black Legion. Now the Orks rule both the worlds of Lethe XI and the Forge World of Mordax Prime, along with most of Imbrium and Ulant. Gudrun and Nysa Stromolo stand on the brink of anarchy and the weapon forges of Mordax Prime (rechristened "Moredakka" by the Orks) are infested with lootas of the Death Skulls klan, a truly terrifying prospect to the devotees of the Machine God, who know full well the depths of blasphemy against the Omnissiah to which these barbaric xenos will sink.

Bartered survivors speak of hundreds of Gargants being built from the debris of war by enslaved Servitors and their brutal Greenskin overseers. The squat, menacing forms of more Gargant construction sites climb over the plains of Mordax dairy as Ork Mekboyz race to be the first to complete their war machines. Imperial stategists now regard the Green Kroosade as a full-scale Ork WAAAGH! Its commanding Warlords remain unknown, but it would appear that Ghazghkull and Nazdreg are not among them. Only Thracian Primaris holds firm against the "Green Kroosade," bolstered first by the intervention of a Black Templars Crusade, and later by the stalwart defence mounted by the Salamanders Chapter. The situation is grim in the Scarus Sector, and none can see an end to the infestation given the dire situation across the region.


Scelus was the homeworld of the Renegade Space Marines of the Sons of Malice Chapter, and was declared Perdita at the time that Chapter turned upon the Imperium. A cold, desolate place, Scelus is home to the savage and barbaric tribes from which the Sons of Malice recruited their number. Though reports from the front line at Scelus are unclear on the subject, reliable sources state that the invading Forces of Chaos joined with the native tribes, establishing a potentially huge power base within a short space of time at a strategically vital location.

The forces of the Imperium were in no position to oppose this state of affairs in the initial stages of the invasion, as every available Imperial Guard regiment was committed elsewhere and none could relocate swiftly enough to oppose Abaddon's plans for Scelus. However, Abaddon's plans were in fact opposed, and very soon the Imperium was in full control of Scelus, having slaughtered the invaders without mercy. The exact identity of the Imperial forces that liberated the system is unclear, though this is far from unusual in a region within which uncounted millions of soldiers are fighting, with more arriving every single day. That the liberators were Space Marines is known, though the exact Chapter is not. It was reported that several Chapters were located within a short Warp jump to Scelus in the days leading up to its liberation, including the Night Watch, the Subjugators and the Howling Griffons.

Nothing has been heard from any Imperial forces in the area, and it is suspected by some that a Space Marine Chapter has claimed Scelus as its homeworld by right of conquest. In the current climate, none in the Segmentum Obscurus High Command would argue against such a move.

Belis Corona Sector

The Imperial forces have largely held at Belis Corona, the location of the greatest shipyard of the Imperium, which suffered the worst excesses of a Tyranid splinter Hive Fleet, and the horrific plagues bestowed upon its hive cities by the Death Guard Traitor Legion. At the height of the invasion, something truly unexpected occurred. Defenders in the outlying systems reported contact with Tyranid organisms -- at first individual vanguard-organisms such as Lictors, but soon entire broods of Genestealers and Hormagaunts. A splinter fleet of Hive Fleet Leviathan, a Tyranid fleet known to be attacking up through the galactic plane, was taking advantage of the mass destruction initialed by the Chaotic invasion to gain a foothold in strategically vital Imperial space. Faced with both the pestulant forces of the Death Guard, and the voracious hordes of Tyranids who were, unlike the human defenders, immune to the Plague God's blessings, the forces of the Imperium were hard-pressed to defend the vital worlds of the sector. It was the intervention of the forces of the Eldar of the Ulthwé Craftworld and then the orbital bombardment of Laurentix that allowed the forces of the Imperium to fight back, despite the disastrous ambush of forward elements of Battlefleet Solar at the Bairsten Prime Warp jump point. Subiaco Diablo saw the Convent of the Order of the Ermine Mantle hold out against overwhelming odds, though at terrible cost, before being relieved by a host of Adepta Sororitas units drawn from across the region, thanks to the leadership of the renowned Canoness Astra.

Agripinaa Sector

The industrial heartland of the Cadian Gate lies in ruin. Though the Imperial Navy controls its space, many worlds of the Agripinaa Sector are lost to anarchy and destruction. By the end of the war, the planets Albitern, Amistel, Lelithar, Malm's Reach, Ulthor and Yavor lay in ruins, and a number of other key star systems hung in the balance. Though Agripinaa itself still stands, without the Agri-Worlds of Yayor, Ulthor and Dentor, its populace may yet starve to death, and without the vital materials provided by the Hive Worlds of Albitern, Amistel and Tabor, its mighty forges may yet fall silent. The so-called "Herald of Nurgle," Typhus of the Death Guard Traitor Legion, has claimed the now blasted world of Ulthor as his own realm, and the nightmare visions of a thousand Astropaths tell of the birth of a new Daemon World within the realm of Mankind. Further, unconfirmed reports state that one of the Blackstone Fortresses was destroyed by Necron raiders off the shoulder of the Lustitia Belt. Senior members of the Ordo Xenos are en route to the area, and Deathwatch Strike Cruisers are already engaged in ensuring no vessels other than their own enter the region. Striding through the blackened ruins of the ravaged worlds of the Imperium, crushing the bones of the slain beneath his Chaos Terminator Armour and spreading the vilest afflictions of Nurgle, Typhus was the embodiment of terror, a cursed thing too terrible to name. His ship, the Terminus Est, and its supporting Plague Fleet were one of the largest Chaos battle groups remaining active throughout the war and allowed Typhus to terrorise warzone after warzone. It was on the world of Ulthor in the Agripinaa Sector, that Typhus unleashed his greatest sorceries, exhibiting the great favour in which he is held by Nurgle. The once verdant Agri-World was utterly twisted and corrupted. The taint of the Herald devolved whatever life it found, rendering it down into a formless sea of putrescence. Seeing his handiwork, Typhus took the nascent Daemon World for his own, a stronghold beyond the Cadian Gate from which he can bring terror to the other worlds of the Imperium at his leisure.

Sentinel Worlds

The barren Sentinel Worlds in the southwest quadrant of the Eye of Terror have always been thought to be a collection of mostly featureless rocks held together by specific gravitational anomalies. The Adeptus Mechanicus have done much to discourage development in this region due to their facility stationed on Hydra Cordatus, a relatively unremarkable planet holding a potent secret -- it was one of the few locations in the galaxy where the Adeptus Mechanicus stored its tithes of Space Marine gene-seed, in this case genetic material drawn from the Imperial Fists Chapter. The planet consisted of only a spaceport and a single large citadel and manufactorum complex known as the Tor Christo. The Tor Christo was a large star-shaped fortress connected to a smaller half-star fortress built into the side of a nearby mountain. The citadel had a large garrison of Imperial Guard troops and even a small Titan Legion contingent from the Legio Ignatum, to protect its precious contents. Remaining undisturbed for centuries, there were unconfirmed reports of a great Iron Warriors invasion into the system, preceding even the Hive Teriax disaster in the opening phases of the 13th Black Crusade.

During the siege of the large Imperial citadel and manufactorum complex on Hydra Cordatus, a faint psychic beacon was transmitted from the surface of the planet. The Iron Warriors warband's flagship Stonebreaker was sent to the star system's Warp translation point in order to intercept any Imperial reinforcements. But this action allowed an Imperial Fists company to slip past the flagship and infiltrate the planet's surface and reinforce the besieged Mechanicus garrison. Inevitably, the Iron Warriors emerged triumphant. They defeated the Imperial forces defending Tor Christo as well as the Imperial Firsts company. Having greatly pleased the Chaos Gods through his monumental victory over the Imperium, the commanding Warsmith of the attack on Hydra Cordatus was ascended to become a Daemon Prince.

During the opening stages of the 13th Black Crusade, the Sentinel Worlds had little in the way of full-scale engagements, although a node in the Webway stationed above these worlds saw a lot of conflict between the Eldar and their Chaotic enemies. The most notable development emerged from this unregarded backwater sector just as the war reached its peak, with hordes of silvered Necron warriors emerging from hidden tombs on the four planets surrounding Hydra Cordatus in a rough pyramidal pattern. The Imperial forces stationed nearby feared the worst, but were amazed when the Necrons fell upon the warriors of Chaos, turning the tide in favour of the Imperium. Since that time, increased Necron activity in the sector has prevented any Imperial forces from capitalising upon these victories, and remote orbital pict-captures have even revealed several structures almost identical to the Cadian Pylons sprouting across the landscapes of these four Sentinel Worlds.

Chinchare Sub-sector

Imperial forces largely ignored the mostly uninhabited Chinchare Sub-sector in the early stages of the war, though the forces garrisoned throughout the region were hard-pressed to contain the initial surge of Chaotic invaders. Reports of increased Chaos activity drew more forces there as the war went on and the Eldar forces of Ulthwé fought hard and spilt much blood in order to wrest control of the sub-sector from the Ruinous Powers. Ulthwé Strike Forces struck at key points within the systems surrounding Chinchare to deny the forces of Abaddon any cohesion to their armies. Striking behind the lines of the main Chaos thrust, precious resources were diverted from the Forces of Chaos' frontline to deal with the raiding Eldar in the rear. Those forces dispatched to deal with the Eldar were themselves ambushed and destroyed piecemeal. Such superiority brought with it an arrogant belief that the Eldar strike forces were invulnerable, but such was not to be the case as Ahriman, the Thousand Sons Chaos Sorcerer, wove powerful magicks to disrupt the path of the Webway, twisting it and ripping portions of it asunder.

Much was the lamentation of Ulthwé as many of the Craftworld's strike forces were trapped forever in the Webway or lost in the haunted depths of the Warp. While Ulthwé reeled from these terrible losses, the Chaos forces pressed their attack and launched a devastating counter-attack against Imperial forces, particularly those based on Balzac. The Imperial troops were in danger of being overrun completely, before being suddenly and decisively aided by Eldar emerging from shimmering Webway portals. These mysterious benefactors asked nothing in return for their aid and vanished without a word of explanation. As more and more reports were collated, it appeared that these silent Eldar had appeared virtually simultaneously throughout the Sub-sector, effectively stymieing the Chaos attack. As the Chaos forces reeled, the vengeful Eldar, combined with the might of the Imperial forces, were able to rout the followers of the Dark Gods from the Chinchare Sub-sector completely.

The Relictors

As a result of the actions of the recalcitrant Chapter known as the Relictors and their conflict with the Inquisition over the use of Chaotic artefacts, the Relictors were judged to be Extremis Diabolus, their lives forfeit. The decision was swift and unanimous and the Chapter was ultimately declared Excommunicate Traitoris by the Ordo Hereticus. The Relictors had turned from the Emperor's Light and were to be hunted down and destroyed; their gene-seed wiped from the galaxy and all record of their deeds expunged from Imperial history. The Relictors had lost a great many of their number during the 13th Black Crusade and their mobile fortress-monastery, a Ramilies-class Starfort, had been severely damaged during the recapture of the world of Finreht. It had taken all the skill of the Chapter's Master of the Fleet to secretly move them to anchor in the Taeloth System, where they attempted to recover their strength and make use of the knowledge they had gleaned from the dark treasure they had recovered within the Diamedes Archive. The Chapter was all but destroyed in a cunning ambush by the Ordo Malleus' Chamber Militant, the Grey Knights, under the command of Inquisitor Cyarro, whom the Relictors had left for dead on the Agri-World of Fremas. After assaulting their fortress-monastery, the assembled Inquisitorial fleet hammered the dying remains of the Relictors' Starfort with concentrated fire from their powerful gun batteries. A Ramilies Starfort is a massive edifice and took time to fully destroy, but the Inquisition left only when every trace of the Relictors was reduced to dust. Only a few hundred Relictors Astartes survived this assault, and it is suspected that these renegade Space Marines have fled to the relative safety of the Eye of Terror. It is currently unknown whether these survivors have thrown in their lot with the Forces of Chaos and become full-fledged Chaos Space Marines or whether they continue their struggle of trying to turn the dark powers of the Chaos Gods against them and their servants for the good of humanity, much like another well-known Renegade Space Marine Chapter, the Soul Drinkers.

Dark Angels

Caliban was the site of many bitter battles throughout the war, and the Dark Angels Chapter was forced to defend the ruins of their former homeworld against the blasphemous hordes of the Abaddon the Despoiler, who were intent upon desecrating the holy ground. But, despite the vindictive campaign of lies and profanity conducted by the heretic known to his followers as the "Voice of the Emperor," which were seemingly designed to draw the Dark Angels into pointless battles away from the main fronts, they did in fact prove invaluable in many conflicts across the region - despite the generally held view that the Dark Angels and their Successors (collectively known as the Unforgiven) fought exclusively and selfishly for the ruins of Caliban while Cadia burned.

At the close of the war, Caliban was firmly in the hands of the Dark Angels, its secrets safe for the time being. The Dark Angels had not only held Caliban against continuous attack, but were able to counter the activities of a number of the Fallen Angels, better known as the Fallen -- the rogue brethren who the Chapter and its UnforgivenSuccessors have relentlessly hunted to the exclusion of all other considerations for ten millennia. The so-called "Voice of the Emperor" put much effort into sewing disunity amongst the defenders of the Cadian Gate, seeding doubt as to just what the Chapter was hiding amongst the frozen ruins of its homeworld. Rumours abound that the Dark Angels have since captured the "Voice of the Emperor" himself, only for this mysterious Heretic to escape his prison en route to the Tower of Angels. Other rumours suggests that Lord Castellan Ursarkar Creed now harbours a deep resentment towards the Chapter, whose presence, he feels, might have proved critical in the defence of Cadia in the most desperate phases of the war, were the Chapter not focusing its efforts upon Caliban. Having suffered the presence of the servants of the Ruinous Powers, the holy places of the Caliban System have now been reconsecrated by the most senior Interrogator-Chaplainsofthe Chapter, and it is clear that, whatever the result of the larger war, no devotee of Chaos shall ever again approach within a light year of the Caliban System again. The mysterious leader of the Fallen, Cypher has been hunted by the Dark Angels and their Successor Chapters for ten thousand years. Though it is not known whether Cypher was encountered directly during the war, unconfirmed reports suggest the Chapter's Interrogator-Chaplains captured as many as 8 Fallen during the battles around the Caliban System, more than have been captured in such a short period in many thousands of standard years. Further reports link Cypher to the mysterious "Voice of the Emperor" on the world of Lelithar, who, it is rumoured, was captured by the Dark Angels during the fighting, but whose cell was found empty upon the prison ship's return to the Tower of Angels aboard the Dark Angels vast, mobile Fortress-Monastery known as The Rock. Azrael, the Supreme Grand Master of the Dark Angels, was a notable absentee at the council of Chapter Masters that elected Logan Grimnar their head at the start of the 13th Black Crusade. Azrael led the Dark Angels, and the so-called Unforgiven Chapters, according to his own, inscrutable strategy. The only time he is known to have stood beside other Imperial forces was when he led a company of Dark Angels upon Xersia, where he joined with Lord Castellan Creed and his 8th Cadian Regiment to repel a force of Black Legionaries from the world's High Basilica, though Abaddon succeeded in his sacrilegious mission to desecrate the high altar as part of some dedication to the Ruinous Powers that would guarantee the success of the 13th Black Crusade. Azrael was instrumental in repelling the invaders, for a time at least.

The Space Lanes

The Imperial Navy had fought with courage and vigour throughout the war, ruthlessly taking the battle to the Archenemy wherever it encountered them. Admiral Quarren had been hailed as a true hero of the Imperium for his masterful defence of the space lanes was all that stood between survival and utter defeat for the Imperium. Though Cadia was besieged, the Imperial Navy continued to command its space and the space of all the sectors surrounding the Eye of Terror, and was able to offer support to beleaguered forces on the ground. The only question is whether the rapid redeployment of almost the entirety of Battlefleet Gothic, along with a substantial proportion of Battlefleet Solar, will leave the Imperial Navy dangerously overstretched elsewhere and unable to maintain the level of operations required to hold the line at the Cadian Gate.

The Tau Empire

The Tau made several major expansions to their empire over the course of the 13th Black Crusade. If any one race or faction can said to have gained from the wholesale destruction unleashed by Abaddon the Despoiler's campaign, it was the Tau. With Imperial attention was elsewhere, and the local Tyranid and Ork menace temporarily contained, Tau settlement colonies and pioneer teams reached far and wide into the outlying systems of the Eastern Fringe in the Damocles Gulf, the Perdus Rift and much further afield. Although the encroachment on Imperial space has been relatively minor, the Tau have established no fewer than five Third Sphere Expansion colony systems in a halo around their existing Sept Worlds. These areas of expansion are already being referred to as the Third Sphere Colonies by the diplomats of the Tau Water Caste, and are rumoured to include unprecedented numbers of human auxiliaries. That the Imperium's attention is focused elsewhere is no doubt of comfort to those humans who have pledged their support to the burgeoning Tau Empire. The Third Sphere Expansion was only finally halted in 999.M41 as a result of the Zeist Campaign waged against the Tau by an alliance of Space Marines, as described above.

The Webway

The Chaos Sorcerer Ahriman himself ripped open the walls of the Webway with information torn from the mind of Inquisitor Bronislaw Czevak. His plan to breach the fastness of the Black Library came dangerously close to success, but the combined forces of the mysterious Harlequins and an Ulthwé Strike Force kept him from its gates. In a daring move, the Harlequins of the Red Masque freed Inquisitor Czevak from his captivity aboard Ahriman's flagship, the Impossible Fortress. Though what they have done with him since, is, at present, unknown: it is believed by Imperial Astropaths that he may be incarcerated by the Eldar within the Webway.

The Eldar have re-sealed the Webway against all invaders, expelling the Traitor Space Marines of the Thousand Sons Legion, and rebuffed their own wayward kin, the Dark Eldar, back to their shadow-realm of Commorragh. For now, the hidden places of the Eldar, and the terrible secrets they hide, are safe from the predations of the "lesser races." Those warzones only accessible through the Webway are now held by the Eldar, including the ancient Crone World of Belial IV, a former jewel in the once-mighty galaxy-spanning Eldar empire.


Aeons ago, the Crone World of Belial IV was a capital world of the ancient Eldar empire. Deep in the heart of the Eldar homelands, this verdant paradise was all but obliterated when the cataclysmic Fall of the Eldar stripped away thousands of years of culture and beauty and replaced it with madness, desolation and evil. Belial IV became a dust-strewn wreck of daemon-infested ruins and crackling, baleful skies. Maugan Ra, a Phoenix Lord and therefore a veteran of Webway travel, braved the depths of the Eye of Terror on a pilgrimage to the shattered Crone Worlds, intending to find a faction of Eldar he believed trapped within the Eye of Terror since the Fall. Taking with him a few of his favoured disciples, Maugan Ra eventually reached the Hex System of Belial IV. What he found there he would not speak of and he was not seen again until he appeared upon Ulthwé to form the infamous Eldar Strike Forces, filled with renewed energy and determination to defeat the Forces of Chaos.

Towards the end of the 13th Black Crusade, many of the Eldar departed from warzones in Imperial space and gathered upon Belial IV under Maugan Ra's command. They took the fight to the indigenous Chaos forces with such unremitting fury that vast areas were reclaimed by the Eldar. The battle also raged around Belial IV in the Labyrinthine Dimension of the Webway, but it seemed that without the guidance of their leaders the Ulthwé Strike Forces suffered heavy losses to both the Dark Eldar and the Thousand Sons. The otherworldly guardians of the Black Library, fearing for their shadowy rCraftworld's safety, revealed hitherto unknown capillaries of the Webway to the Ulthwé Eldar, enabling them not only to escape from the net drawing around them, but to stage a series of ambushes that broke the deadlock and turn the tide of the war in the Webway once and for all.

The final, and most decisive, twist to this peculiar theatre of war came when a daemon horde led a counter-attack against the Eldar consolidating their hold on the Crone Worlds, as sudden as it was devastating. To the great shock of the Eldar below, the withered and broken Craftworld of Altansar, thought lost to the Warp for more than 10,000 Terran years, drifted into orbit above the Crone Worlds. Hundreds of pallid, ghost-like Eldar joined their brethren on the field of battle, throwing back the daemon tide with wave after wave of silent, grim warriors. Since that great victory, Belial IV has been reclaimed by the Eldar. What this, and the reappearance of the Lost of Altansar, bodes for the Eldar race remains to be seen.

Maugan Ra

The immortal Phoenix Lord Maugan Ra took a vital role in deciding the fate of the Eldar over the course of the 13th Black Crusade. Responsible for the creation of the Ulthwé Strike Forces, Maughan Ra and his elite Black Guardians fought across every sector by cunning use of the Webway. He ultimately led the Eldar to victory even in the heart of the Eye of Terror and, after repelling Dark Eldar raids on Xersia, fought alongside Lord Castellan Ursarkar E. Creed against Abaddon's forces at the Basilica Dufaux. It is believed by many Farseers that the reappearance of the shadowy Craftworld of Altansar and its ghost-like inhabitants was purely due to the iron determination of the Phoenix Lord to locate and redeem his once-lost brethren.


The mysterious world of Eidolon, deep in the heart of the Eye of Terror, is one of the most remote and peculiar of the Daemon Worlds fought upon during the 13th Black Crusade. Divided into several continents where a different Chaos Power reigns over each, the battlezones of Eidolon present a panoply of strange and excruciating ways to die. Its shifting landscapes defy all reason, and, although it was once a beautiful Maiden World of the Eldar, it has changed so irrevocably that no real trace of its former glory exists. Nonetheless, the victories won by the Eldar, notably the Eldar of the Biel-Tan Craftworld, have established several enclaves of sanity in the roiling seas of possibility that characterise Eidolon. The Eldar hope that one day these islands can grow and become stable, and that eventually the secrets of Eidolon can be reclaimed.

Fate of Eldrad Ulthran

For the Farseer Eldrad Ulthran, the most gifted and powerful of all the Eldar Seers, the onset of the 13th Black Crusade meant that the twisting forests of possibilities through which he normally walked at will were denied to him, blinding his exceptional scrying abilities. His one certainty was that darkness stood ready to engulf him and possibly even his home Craftworld of Ulthwé. After the formation of the Ulthwé Strike Forces, Eldrad divided many parts of his consciousness into shimmering Waystones. As for Eldrad Ulthran's fate, this bravest and most noble leader of the Eldar since before the birth of Slaanesh has perished. In a last-ditch effort to stop the Blackstone Fortress ("Talisman of Vaul") controlled by Abaddon from crushing the Imperial defenders of Cadia, he and a select few Warlocks teleported aboard. Within minutes, all the Warlocks were drained of life by the Fortress' bottomless thirst, and when Eldrad reached out to try to touch the Eldar spirit that he believed comprised the core of the Fortress' sentience, he found only an extension of the hideous mind of Slaanesh -- "She Who Thirsts," the Great Enemy of the Eldar. As Eldrad realised his folly, his soul was devoured by the Chaos God inhabiting the Blackstone Fortress, and the greatest Farseer of the Eldar was lost. However, a handful of Waystones that Eldrad had created still remained active, causing the Eldar to believe that Eldrad is still alive but trapped somewhere in the Warp, perhaps at the mercy of Slaanesh.