Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2 Opening Sectors Cinematic

Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2 Opening Sectors Cinematic

Sectors, Subsectors and Systems surrounding the Eye of Terror

Belis Corona
Belis Corona System Map

The Belis Corona subsector is the heart of the Imperium's naval efforts and its docks are listed in von Heffman's Glorium Imperialis as one of the wonders of the Imperium. It is said that the entirety of Battlefleet Obscurus could dock in the vast orbital shipyards in orbit above Belis Corona.


o Belis Corona

 Antar

 Geldaris

 Belisimar

 Belis Corona 97 Order

 Laurentix

 Malusoir

 Bairsten Prime

o Phonosar

o Subiaco Diablo 68 Order


The Medusa subsector is most famous as the homeworld of the Iron Hands chapter. Unlike many other parts of the Eye, life is hard and uncivilised barbarians cover many of the planets.

o Medusa 93 Order

It is from these recruits that the Iron Hands draw their initiates to create new Space Marines. The planet is bathed in perpetual gloom as the planet is covered in a blanket of pollution, rarely broken by the sun's rays. The planet has frozen mountain ranges, volcanoes and boiling geysers. It's surface is constantly moving, creating and destroying mountain ranges rapidly.

800px-Scarus sector map

o Decarus

o Kholan

o Odissar

o Scarus

The Scarus subsector is the most populous of all the sectors, with no less than six Hive Worlds which come together in trade and commerce and mutual defence. There are also numerous temperate and agri worlds to support the Hives. There are also two Forge Worlds which supply the vast Scarus Defence Forces, Nysa Stromolo and Mordax Prime. It is said that 7/10 of Tracian Primaris, the capital of the sector, is covered in Hive cities.

o Gudrun 20 Disorder

o Harvest

o Hexen

o Imbrium 4 Disorder

o Lethe Eleven 0 Disorder

o Mordax Prime 0 Disorder

o Nysa Stromolo 20 Disorder

o Quinx

o Skyren

Thracian Primaris System Map
o Thracian Primaris

 AE/91B

 Angelisar

 Thracian Primaris 90 Order

 Durst's Reach

 Elnaur Delta 84 Order

 Tantris

 Messina

 Buyabos

o Ulant 15 Disorder

o Vagera


o Dorsia

o Scelus 95 Order

o Vermaard

Hydra Cordatus System Map
24 Disorder

o Hydra Cordatus

o Ortenes

o Setvan

o 6 Uninhabited Systems

Belial IV System Map
Belial IV

o Arias Major

o Belial IV 79 Order

o Elorde

o Qualoth Deep


The Cadian system is possibly the most well known system, with its 1st Imperial Guard Regiment having many successful campaigns and gaining Imperium wide recognition. Abaddon the Despoiler had attempted a campaign against the system, and after he was repelled by Imperial forces, it was decided that Cadia would be a fortress world against the sporadic attacks of forces in the Eye of Terror.

o Barisa

o Belisar 68 Order

Cadian System Map

o Cadia 43 In Balance

o Kasr Holn 53 In Balance

o Kasr Partox 29 Disorder

o Kasr Sonnen 39 Disorder

o Macharia * Destroyed

o Solar Mariatus 32 Disorder

o St. Josmane’s Hope * Destroyed

o Vigilatum 15 Disorder


o Clauston

o Demios Binary 80 Order

o Exeltra Minor

o Fremas

o Helotas

o Kantrael 85 Order

o Ormantep

o Vorga Torq

o Xersia 88 Order


o Chima Lomas

o Nemesis Tessera 100 Order

o Ovaris Gulag

o Trionoras


o Eidolon 25 Disorder

o Unknown


o Orphia

o Caliban 100 Order

o Terraq

Agripinna System Map

o Agripinaa 80 Order

o Albitern 14 Disorder

o Amistel 14 Disorder

o Aurent 97 Order

o Bar-el 40 In Balance

o Dentor 20 Disorder

o Finreht 33 Disorder

o Lelithar 0 Disorder

o Malin's Reach 0 Disorder

o Morten’s Quay 96 Order

o Narsine 69 Order

o Sarlax

o Tabor 27 Disorder

o Ulthor 0 Disorder

o Yayor 12 Disorder

Chinchare System Map

Chinchare 95 Order